Brinco R

The “cañera”

The best way to enjoy the off-road experience

The Brinco R is the non-certified and sportiest version, for those who can enjoy it on private grounds, avoiding the need to use public roads.

The Brinco R boasts a PRO suspension system (travel of over 180 mm, both front and rear). And, in line with its sportier character, it does not include the standard side kickstand.


Brinco R, the motorbike par excellence of Bultaco, created by Bultaquistas for Bultaquistas, we wanted to guarantee a unique experience of speed and technology, agility and robustness, all united in the same concept; Bultaco Brinco R.

Thanks to the strength of the chassis, and the suspension with 180 mm of travel, the Brinco R, becomes the perfect ally to challenge the obstacles that you find on the road. Do you dare?

The pedals feature anti-slip coverage with reflective and sealed bearings that will allow you to ride on any type of surface. We want you to enjoy the mud, the land, the curves and above all, have fun.

We always strive so that our products not only meet the demands of our customers, we also work to exceed the expectations placed on us, and, above all, to keep our name unblemished; Bultaco

With our Brinco R you can reach 60km.hours, turning this motobike into a cross country vehicle with which you can reach any place you choose. From Bultaco we encourage you to explore all those places that you have not reach, look for new adventures, what are you waiting for?

We are unique in what we do, that’s why, also our products are. The Brinco R has characteristics that combine the best of motorcycles, with the best of bicycles and, thanks to the application of the latest technologies, we have achieved an exceptional vehicle.

The Bultaco Brinco R is surprising for its innovative design, its technology and the effectiveness of each of its elements. The engineering and design teams of Bultaco have worked together to create the first motobike with a spectacular result, a sporty and elegant vehicle.

To innovate is not only to reach new technological goals, but also to offer new experiences. Brinco R is something completely new, the result of the will to move the Bultaco spirit to a new technological era with a new mobility language.

Always true to the brand values: passion, innovation and competition, we believe that the Brinco R is the result of the effort of our entire team to fulfill these values ​​and always bet on perfection and authenticity.

Hydraulic front brake – Disc Ø 203 mm, with 4 piston caliper.

Front suspension, adjustable inverted fork (160 mm stroke).

9-speed gearbox + overdrive system (ratio 1: 1.65) / Z34 plate

Sport handlebar. Display controller, 3 driving maps.

Battery Integrated in frame, power 4 kW. Electric motor, brushless with permanent magnets AC, rear wheel.