Brinco R-E

The sport

A totally sporty experience, wherever you want

The line’s sportiest model allows you to enjoy both off-road riding and public streets, without any type of restrictions. In the city, country and mountains … there’s nowhere you can’t go.
It’s the perfect Brinco for those who love off-roading and the sportiest features.

We believe in the importance of stopping, laughing and enjoying the little moments the live gives us to create memories that would walk with us along our lives. We want to be part of those memories, that is why, we demand us so much to be the brand that grew up with you once, the brand which accompanies you through all your paths.

We like to listen to our customers, especially, to their new ideas. That´s why we created the new Bultaco Brinco RE, with 2kW power, you can reach 45km per hour, both in the field and on other routes.

After much effort and many tests, we managed to make this new Brinco RE, so you can use your Brinco wherever you choose. The road is not a limit, it´s an adventure.

With its 24-inch off-road tires and 24 x 3 tires, the Brinco RE is the perfect ally to go anywhere. We don´t want you to have limits, we want you to enjoy the adrenaline that Bultaco gives you every time you ride on it.

The front suspensions are composed of an adjustable inverted fork with a stroke of 180mm of travel. The brakes are composed with hydraulic four-piston caliper with a Ø 203mm disc. Perfect components that make the Brinco RE an ally with which to run your adventures.

You can choose the power of the engine thanks to its 3 driving maps (sport, tour, eco), this allows you to save battery, if needed, with eco mode, or face more difficult situations with sport mode. You choose where, when and how.

At Bultaco Brinco we always look for innovation and authenticity, we seek to reach unknown segments. The characteristics of the Brinco are reminiscent of a trial bike, but its design and the technological incorporations define it as a vehicle with a very marked personality, typical of Bultaco.

Thanks to its impressive pair of 60Nm, a weight of only 39 kg and a range of 100km, Bultaco offers you unlimited fun, where taking care of the environment does not have to be boring.

A powerful and fun vehicle with which we wanted to show the ability of Bultaco, to adapt to the demand of our public. With this version of the Brinco R, you can go by any public way since you can homologate it and register it. Do you want to try it?

Hydraulic front brake – Disc Ø 203 mm, with 4 piston caliper.

Front suspension, adjustable inverted fork (160 mm stroke).

9-speed gearbox + overdrive system (ratio 1: 1.65) / Z34 plate