Brinco R


Limited edition

The Brinco Discovery is a limited edition boasting a unique design.

Bultaco and Land Rover are two historic brands that have been growing and adapting to changing times while enabling their customers to enjoy the outdoors, without ever losing their essence. Two brands of pure emotion, nature and adventure, destined to converge.

Brinco Discovery, our Brinco limited edition, based on the colors of Land Rover’s “Discovery” SUV, together, they are the perfect combination for a getaway to the countryside, to the beach to the mountains, wherever you want.

Myths never die, they reinvent themselves. Bultaco Brinco never stop improving, that’s why we created the new Brinco C, a unique, elegant and breakthrough design. We want you to enjoy the speed, the road, your new Brinco. What are you waiting for?

We want to guarantee the maximum fun that’s why, thanks to its 2 kW propulsion you can reach 60 km per hour, and combined with your assisted pedaling … can you imagine where you could go?

The Brinco Discovery, as the Brinco R, has been designed for a combined traction by pedaling and electric assistance, thanks to its integrated engine on the rear wheel. This will allow you to have total control over the motobike, so that you can get the most out of the power of the electric motor.

From Bultaco we have worked so that you can enjoy not only the speed, and the power, but also to enjoy the latest technological advances without stopping to have fun and disconnect from the city noises.

We seek to improve our motobikes in all its aspects. Both technical and design. That’s why the Brinco Discovery was born, a new motobike that meets the demands of our riders. Its design, reminiscent of the power of the legendary Discovery, and its engine, proves it.

The design is the main feature that stands out from this motobike. Breakthrough, fierce, and elegant, Brinco Discovery is made for those who seek to differentiate themselves from the normal.

Brinco Discovery shares the same components as the Brinco R, the only difference, its design. We invite you to discover new ways, to challenge yourself, be the envy of all. Don´t stop, let the speed guide you.

Thanks to its engine power, you will be able to climb any hill, however steep it may be. The decision is yours, give gas or pedal harder. Don´t stablish limits to your imagination, let it go, enjoying speed does not have to be so difficult.

The motobike, this innovative concept allows you to enjoy two vehicles in one. A motorcycle combined with a bicycle. Brinco gathers the most powerful features of these two cycles and turns them into a motobike, capable of traveling by any means.

Hydraulic front brake – Disc Ø 203 mm, with 4 piston caliper.

Front suspension, adjustable inverted fork (160 mm stroke).

9-speed gearbox + overdrive system (ratio 1: 1.65) / Z34 plate

Sport handlebar. Display controller, 3 driving maps.

Battery Integrated in frame, power 4 kW. Electric motor, brushless with permanent magnets AC, rear wheel.