Brinco C

The perfect choice

Comfort, in the city and country.

The Brinco C is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy riding in both the country and the city, but who don’t need the sportiest features.
The Brinco C offers more comfortable riding than the R and RE, thanks to its lower seat height and touring handlebars.

If there is something that defines us as a brand, it is to look for the new to reach the exceptional. That’s why we created the Brinco C, the “campera”, with the same power as the other Brinco, but with a more elegant finish. Designed to enjoy both the countryside and the city but, in a more comfortable way.

t integrates a headlight with automatic sensor, that allows you to go both by public ways and by field. With the same features as the Brinco RE, and with a 160mm suspensions, you can reach 45km per hour thanks to its electric motor with 2kW power.

If you mix the combined traction and independent pedaling with its independent motor, you would enjoy the greatest driving pleasure, the adrenaline of speed with the adrenaline released when exercising pedal. A whole experience of stress liberation.

La Brinco C has been a response to the demands of our customers. An easier handle Brinco, without losing the Bultaco essence, without losing the power that characterizes the Brinco range.

Going fast does not have to involve a loss of strength in the pedals. With the Brinco C´ overdrive system, you can continue pushing the pedals to reach the speed that your body allows you, it depends on you. You put your own limits.

The Brinco´s range power control system, allows you to maintain constant power to optimize the energy consumption and autonomy. A special component to make the driving experience more comfortable.

To get the most out of pedaling, your Bultaco Brinco has a transmission composed of a planetary reducer and a 9 pinions cassette, which will allow you to give unlimited impulse with the pedals.

Our engineers have designed, only for Bultaco, the battery in such a way that it is as comfortable as possible, therefore, you can charge it wherever you want, just find an outlet, charge it and … enjoy!

With the standard subframe, the Brinco C seat can reach a minimum height of 1m on the floor by cutting the seat post. Also, there is the option of purchasing a Low Seat subframe that will allow you to further reduce the seat height.

We propose a totally new way of understanding and living the two wheels. A surprising combination between the motorcycle and bicycle world: electric propulsion and physical experience of pedaling. Ready?