A legend is born

The legend

On May 17th 1958, in the course of a historic dinner, Paco Bultó and a small group of loyal teammates willing to accompany him on a thrilling adventure, made the decision to create a new brand of motorcycles: Bultaco, the most legendary Spanish motorcycle brand of all time.


A new brand in 10 months

Tralla 101

The founding group began working immediately out of Mr Bultó’s house, in the homestead of San Antonio. During this time they organized a factory they began the design of the first bike. The prototype was ready in only four months, and on March 24th 1959 it was presented to the press as the Tralla 101, the first Bultaco.


Conquest of the podium

Five world records

On October 2nd 1960 Bultaco broke five world records for long distance speed at the racetrack of Montlhéry (France), with a spectacular prototype of 175 cc. Amazingly, only two of these records corresponded to the 175cc. category, but Bultaco also broke two in 250cc. and another in 350cc.!


The champion that shouldn’t
have died

Ramón Torras

No rider left an imprint on Bultaco so deep as a shy kid from Sabadell: Ramon Torras. “The fastest rider that I met ever” according to Paco Bultó. Torras should have become world champion, but, on May 30th 1965 he died in a local race preparing for the Tourist Trophy of the Isle of Man.


Metralla MK2

A masterpiece

Developed from the 200 cc. Metralla 62, the Metralla MK2 was the pinnacle of Bultaco on the road. In 1966, the year of its launch, the 250 cc. engine and five speeds boosted it beyond 160 km/h, making it the fastest two-and-a-half production bike in the world.


The first American

A young talent

The most beautiful story of the Bultaco Pursang was starred by a barely 20-year-old pilot, at the controls of a near-production Mk6. In the first round of the World Championship of motocross in 1973, an unknown Jim Pomeroy debuted with a spectacular victory over reigning champions.


The most honored

Sherpa T

In 1965 Bultaco launched the Sherpa T, the first in a saga that would dominate the world for years in trial. In addition to countless victories in the most important international challenges, the Sherpa T won he first five consecutive trial world championships from 1975 to 1979.


A rebufo de Bultaco

World Champion
de Velocidad

Bultaco was racing world champion in the years 1976 and 1977 with Angel Nieto, and in 1978 and 1981 with Ricardo Tormo. In the hands of such exceptional riders, the fast Bultaco TSS gave the brand its most important successes in racing.


Bultaco Streaker

Cradle of champions

The Streaker was the last great work of Bultaco in its first stage. Streaker was a small sport bike, true to the brand. It was appreciated for its exceptional stability due to a revolutionary multi-tubular chassis. With it, Sito Pons (double world champion) , Aspar (four times world champion) and Carlos Cardús (world runner-up) would race in competition.


Bultaco is back