The Canary Islands are one of the most popular destinations for many tourists in the summer. And it’s no wonder why!

There are its idyllic beaches, the chance to practice all kinds of sports, and the dunes of Fuerteventura, constituting one of the most incredible landscapes in Spain, not to mention the stunning Teide Volcano, and the stark volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote. The list of unique sites to see in the Canary Islands is almost endless, making it a very special destination.

And the Brinco is, without a doubt, the perfect vehicle for these landscapes, as we can appreciate in the images of our adventurous bultaquistas living on the Fortunate Isles.

An example of the Brinco’s popularity in the Canaries is the Bultaco Fuerteventura Experience, which offers guided tours through the volcanic north of Fuerteventura – on Brincos. An unforgettable experience!

In fact, our Brinco is such a hit on the islands that the City of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is considering using them as means of transport for agents in its Natural Environment (Umen) unit, as reported by the Diario de Avisos and La Opinion (Tenerife). The agents would be able to move more ably across the massif of Aciaga, reaching all the necessary corners more easily.

So, now you know. If you’re in the Canary Islands, don’t hesitate to stop by our Brinco Experience to enjoy all that the islands have to offer.

Fall in love with the Canaries, and with the Brinco!