2017 is almost history. One more year, full of innovation and passion, successes and new developments. The Thump-up family has grown again, in every way!

A year marked by excitement, driving us forward, but also by the audacity and desire to excel that are second nature to every bultaquista.

In 2017 we travelled far. If you have followed us you already know about the milestones that we cite below, and of which we are especially proud. 

– New products: we released two new products onto the market, in which we invested a great deal of effort and dedication: the Brinco R-B, a new model conserving the essence of the Brinco, at an irresistible price; and our innovative Bultaco Albero, one of the stars of the year in the two-wheeled world. The Albero has garnered praise ever since its launch, as its special transport concept to get around the city has dazzled moto-bikers. Plus, this year new accessories have been added to the official Bultaco catalogue: a carry-all accessory, so you can take your Brinco everywhere; and a headlight, so you can enjoy your Brinco under the moonlight.
– Events: 2017 was also full of special occasions on which we were able to share unforgettable moments with our moto-bikes. We organised Bultaco Days throughout Spain, so that all our bultaquistas could enjoy the Brinco experience. We returned to competition with the Brinco Endurance event, a success already in its first edition. And we once again participated in one of the world’s most important motorbike events: the Milan International Motorcycle Exhibition, to which we brought all our innovation.
– Collaborations: 2017 will also be remembered as the year of our alliance with Land Rover, a merger made of history and passion, yielding the Brinco Discovery, a special edition that combines the essence of the Brinco with the Land Rover spirit.
– Awards: In October we added another award to our trophy case: Autobild’s special prize for Urban Mobility gives us great satisfaction and reflects the great efforts made by all of us forming part of the legendary Bultaco family.

And, finally, the most important thing: you, our bultaquistas! Every day there are more and more of you out there, and in more countries. We want to thank everyone for the support you have given us, and the enthusiasm with which you put our moto-bikes to the test!

And now …let’s aim for a 2018 with passion, the desire to innovate, and the spirit of competition that has always made us unique!

Remember… the best is yet to come.