Sometimes small decisions lead to great stories … of passion, innovation and competition. Want to know how we got our start?

True to his fighting spirit, in early 1958 Don Paco Bultó left Montesa, the company which he had cofounded a few years earlier, due to its decision to dissolve its racing department. Some time later, encouraged by a good part of his former team, he embarked on an exhilarating project. His idea: to found a new motorcycle make based on competition, on racing. A challenge worthy of the legend he was to become!

The legend goes that it that was John Grace, a racer and shareholder in the company, who suggested the name of our bikes, but the fact is that Don Paco had already coined the term “Bultaco” in the early 50s, an acronym of his own name, combining his first surname (Bultó) and his given name (Paco). Innovating right from the start!

Although those beginnings weren´t easy, nothing was able to bend Don Paco’s determination. After starting work on his own masía (traditional farmhouse), he acquired the Mas Casellas factory, near Barcelona, which would turn out the brand’s first prototypes: Tralla 101, the Mercury, the Sherpa and the legendary Shrapnel. But we’ll talk about these later …

Little could Don Paco have imagined that the Compañía Española de Motores Sociedad Anónima (CEMOTO), christened on 17 May, 1958, his birthday, would be the seed of what 60 years later has blossomed into something much bigger. A philosophy. A passion. In short, a way of viewing life.

In the late 50s Spain witnessed the birth of a legend. Our bikes would soon be leaders on the market, and a symbol of distinction for their owners. Bultaco had hit the road, and would give people a lot to talk about.

To be continued…