We travelled to Milan, determined to break all the molds at the Motorcycle Show (EICMA) held in this city, where our stand is all ready for the days slated for professionals.

We showed up bursting with energy and eager to present the new products that we have created with such passion. And the welcome we received exceeded all our expectations.

The new Bultaco Albero was a veritable sensation at the EICMA, its breakthrough concept allowing us to make a real splash on the urban riding scene, with an agile, sustainable and elegant product that raised everyone’s eyebrows.

The spotlights were also turned on the Brinco RB, our new Moto-Bike that retains the essence and delivers all the fun of the Brinco, at an incredible price.

Many also approached us, interested in becoming Bultaco dealers – which is not surprising, because these innovative transport concepts represent an appealing business opportunity for anyone who understands the two-wheel world and what the future has in store.

This Eicma is just the beginning. From here on out, the fun will be non-stop. With any of our Brinco models, or with the Albero.

Choose the one for you.