That’s exactly what is going to happen. You, your city and your travel through it will change, because…

The new Bultaco Albero is here!

After the warm welcome the off-road world gave the Brinco, our groundbreaking Moto-Bike concept is poised to revolutionize the city too.

Why? Among other things, because with it you’ll have…

 … features allowing you to have a blast.

agility, so that traffic never holds you back.

safety, as you can take on any obstacle.

zero emissions, while taking you to every corner of your city.

… and a “cafe racer” look that makes it elegant and unique.

 You’re already dying to checking it out, aren’t you?

Discover it here!

The Albero shares its technical platform with the Brinco, but its look and performance are totally adapted to urban conditions. With it you can squeeze every last drop of fun out of the street!

If you’re a cosmopolitan urbanite, the kind who likes to break the mold, defy established schemes, explore and reinvent your city… you’re one of us.

You’re a MOTO-BIKER, and the Albero was designed just for you. Master and enjoy the city like you never imagined you could.

With the Bultaco Albero, the city will never be the same.

Are you ready?