This autumn we bring you the essence of fun: the new Brinco R-B.

The essence and all the boldness of the Brinco R, but at a simply irresistible price: €3,995*. You heard that right!

The R-B maintains the R version’s distinctive hybrid propulsion system (electric motor with an independent throttle and pedal), outstanding performance (top speed of 60 km/h; maximum power of 2kW) and top-quality components, but paring down some of its current components, giving it an even more radical look.

You can enjoy it on any private road or trail, but if you want to go even further, and have fun on any kind of terrain, it’s easy.
The Brinco R-B is equipped with a pedal sensor that will allow anyone to convert it into an electric bicycle (compliant with European standard EN15194) and, thus, ride it on any type of public road (without a license plate or insurance), as it is classed as an assisted pedalling bicycle.

All the user has to do is install one of the kit options available on the after market, and activate the pedal sensor.

Here we have all the technical information.

If you are one of those people who enjoys the basics – like feeling the wind in your face, rain on your helmet, and mud all over you, from top to bottom – you’ve just got to have a Brinco R-B.

Brinco R-B: the essence of fun, at an irresistible price.
There are no longer any excuses for not getting a Brinco!

* Suggested Retail Price for Spain, VAT included. If you do not live in Spain, contact your nearest store. Use our Dealer Locator at