We invite you to take your motobike to most cumbersome places you know. We want Bultaco to be your ally in your adventures.

We wanted to take advantage of the snow, so we took out our Brinco, in this case, BrincoRB. The result? Perfect combination. The characteristics that this Brinco range have, reach the requirements placed on us. We always want to be and step forward when producing our motobikes, always with the latest technology.

Even though we ride through powered snow, with its power, we could get out with out problems. Thanks to its suspensions, more than 160 mm, riding in the snow was, simply, amazing.

Combining the pedaling with its electric motor, we reached the necessary speed for to give some nice jumps.

The grip was strong due to its off-road wheels, all an adventure. Why don’t you try it yourself?

No Stop Brinco! 

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