Madrid, early 60s. In El Retiro the Spanish Motorcycle Racing Championship is being held, during the era of, among others, the great Ramón Torras.

Don Paco Bultó had gone to the capital to check up on how his machines were coming along, when suddenly he was approached by a 13-year-old kid who told him that he wanted to work with him at his factory in Barcelona. Don Paco smiled at him and told him to send him a letter …

A few months later the boy showed up at the factory and asked Don Paco for work again. This time he realised that the boy has something special. It was the beginning of a relationship between the legend and Bultaco, one that would give us a lot to celebrate.

That kid was none other than Ángel Nieto, who would gone to be a 12-time world champion.

The great Ángel, whose philosophy of life was “You’re not the best when you’re world champion, but when you strive for something you believe in,” had a very special relationship with Bultaco. Intense, and with its ups and downs, as that’s the way the champion was, but a very special one.

Thanks to him and his TSS Bultaco, he reached the top at the 50-cc Spanish Motorcycle Racing Championships of 1976, the 125-cc division in ’76 and ’77; and the 50-cc class at the World Championships in ’76 and ’77.

Unique and inimitable, Ángel was also a Brinco enthusiast in recent times, often seen with one in the MotoGP paddock.

A larger-than-life personality, he exuded an overwhelming energy and passion for motorcycles that only true lovers of the two-wheeled world can understand.

This is our humble and special tribute to the great champion who recently left us, a star who is now part of the firmament.

Amazing, eternal, unforgettable.

Thanks, Ángel!