Throughout its history, Bultaco has been based on one of the purest of human habits: : dreaming.

It was dreams and excitement that in 1958 spurred Don Paco Bultó and his devoted team to undertake their ambitious challenge.

On 17 May 2014, he day marking the anniversary of his foundation, and the birth of its founder, Paco Bultó, Bultaco, announced in London his official return to the motorcycle market, introducing the world to the first prototypes of Bultaco’s new range of vehicles.

Bultaco is reborn with the mission of doing just what it would have done if it had never stopped manufacturing its motorcycles, back in 1983: offering customers motorcycles that are fun and feature the latest technologies.
The new Bultaco Team maintains the same old spirit that has always defined the Thumb-Up brand, faithful to the traditional values that made the company founded by Don Paco Bultó legendary: passion, innovation and competition.

It continues to draw inspiration from its celebrated motorcycles, proud of its legacy… but without living off its past, always looking ahead.

This poem that Don Paco Bultó took to heart clearly sums up the Bultaco way of life, yesterday and today:

“To live is not just to exist.
But to exist and to create.
To experience joy, and to suffer,
and not to sleep without dreaming.
To rest…
is to begin to die”.

– Gregorio Marañón –